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As a manufacturer of superior electronic pins, connectors and interconnects, Bead must meet and exceed customer expectations.  Our engineers and quality department are tasked daily to ensure that Bead components will perform as designed in every dimension.  Our customers, many of whom are top international companies in the automotive, telecommunication, and PCB manufacturers, often send a cadre of quality and purchasing personnel to Milford, CT to assess Bead’s capabilities and Quality Management System.

It’s vital that visitors have a positive first impression.  This often sets the stage for future meetings and a tour of the facility.  We recently completed a remodeling project designed to showcase our administrative offices and present a professional appearance to mirror the professionalism of our employees.  As a ninety-eight year old company, it’s critical that customers know Bead is still innovative and ascribes to the most modern manufacturing techniques available in our niche.  A patent recently approved for Bead’s new True-Grip pin is a testament to these efforts.

And of course, once the visitor enters our factory floor, they are astounded by its order and cleanliness.  Housekeeping has always been part of our culture.  As a swaging operation, our presses use a fair amount of oil, air and electricity to run.  To produce millions and millions of quality small tubular and solid wire pins and still maintain a shiny factory floor reflects positively on our employees.

A good first impression is soon dismissed unless a company’s staff, workers, and quality products reinforce that impression.  Solid customer relationships are sure to follow.

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